Covenant Academy of Mobile is a public K12 charter school that is committed to creating and maintaining a positive, safe learning environment for all students regardless of cultural differences, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, or academic abilities.

We want our school community to feel a sense of belonging and be respectful of cultural differences. It is important for everyone to connect students’ cultures, languages, and life experiences with their own to enhance their learning and gain a respect for those we interact with daily.

The Education Plan/School Design
The vision and mission are embedded in six tiers:

  4. S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
  5. CONNECTIONS (Elective Courses)

At Covenant Academy of Mobile, the innovative program with engaging “hands on” activities will provide opportunities to meet all learning styles and therefore promote academic success among the students. These activities will challenge and enhance learning for all students. Students will be engaged and able to understand the “what, when, why, and how” with the content that is being taught at the time.

Proposed Class Sizes
K-1st Grade:    18 students per class
2nd Grade:       21 students per class
3rd-5th Grade:  24-26 students per class

**Kindergarten-Second Grade: The goal is to have a teacher and paraprofessional in the classroom.

High Quality Curriculum
All students will be actively engaged in: Reading/English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science/Technology/Engineering, Math, Arts: Performing/Visual, Health & Physical Education.

Extra-Curricular Activities
We also believe all students should be “well-rounded” and extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for students to reinforce academic skills learned in the classroom in a real-world setting.

Proposed activities:
Academic Competitions * Chess Club * Culinary Arts * Dance * STEM Club * Gymnastics * Honor Society * Recycling Club * Robotics * Art * Service Clubs * Student Ambassadors * Theater/Drama Club * Student Government * Cosmetology * Choir

Baseball * Basketball * Boxing * Football * Soccer * Golf * Track & Field * Volleyball * Lacrosse

High Quality Faculty/Staff
Our goal is to hire qualified/certified employees who are dedicated to providing the best educational experience for all students by: Motivating the students, Engaging them in learning, displaying Kindness and Support, being Knowledgeable of subject matter and of learners, Adaptable in any situation, Organized and able to Communicate and Collaborate with students in an environment conducive to learning.

Parental/Guardian Involvement
Parental/Guardian involvement is so important for our students to be successful. We cannot do it alone and we will certainly build relationships with the parents/guardians so together, our students are provided the best educational experience.

Our desire is that parents/guardians will be “hands on” and will be instrumental in making decisions that are in the best interest of their children.

Even though public charter schools in Alabama are not required to provide transportation for students, Covenant Academy of Mobile will conduct a “needs assessment” to see if there is a need for transportation. This assessment will be part of the pre-enrollment process. If there is a need, transportation “pick-up and drop off” stops will be streamlined. Buses will not travel throughout neighborhoods picking up/dropping off students, but to designated locations throughout the surrounding areas.

Grading System
Our goal is to make sure all students promoted to the next grade level received “top notch” instruction in an environment conducive to learning, were given every opportunity to be successful, and are “on track” for promotion.

K-2nd: Grading scale is determined by master of skills and uses 1-4 rubric:

  1. Below Basic — Indicates that students have little understanding of a concept and consequently cannot demonstrate any mastery.
  2. Basic — As students learn, they can demonstrate partial mastery
  3. Proficient — Once students meet a target
  4. Exceed — Above proficient with the learning target

**Students must be PROFICIENT or EXCEED PROFICIENT in reading and mathematics to be promoted to the next grade level.

3rd-12th:  70% or above average in all subjects to be promoted to the next level.

The Board of Directors have established 70% passing in grades 3-12 with the following comments as support for the requirement:

  • “There is a problem with 60% as minimum standards. It is an “escape” route for not having high expectations and it promotes deficit gaps in learning. Students do not push themselves as much as they could because they know that they only need 60% to pass the courses.”
  • “We want to raise the bar. We want to have the foundational standards set for the school so students will have to strive on that level to meet “academic excellence.”

The Implementation Plan
2023-24   Kindergarten - Fifth Grade
2024-25   Kindergarten - Sixth Grade
2025-26   Kindergarten - Seventh Grade
2026-27   Kindergarten - Eighth Grade
2027-28   Kindergarten - Ninth Grade
2028-29   Kindergarten - Tenth Grade
2029-30   Kindergarten - Eleventh Grade
2030-31   Kindergarten - Twelfth Grade

Covenant Academy of Mobile will begin its extensive recruiting efforts for the 2023-24 school year in August 2022. Pre-enrollment for students in elementary school will begin in September 2022.

Enrollment Process
Parents who are interested in their children attending Covenant Academy of Mobile will have an opportunity to complete an online application for their children before the pre-determined deadline. If there are more applicants than designated slots for that grade level, then a lottery system will be used to select students for that specific grade level.